ITF tournaments in Israel

ITF tournaments  in Israel

I played two tournaments in Israel, in April. The first one was more successful for me as I won first two matches, in two sets each. In the semi final I played against Perrin (GBR). It was a very intensive match and, unfortunately, I didn’t manage to win. I lost with 75 26 46. However, I managed to win doubles with my favorite partner AlenAvidzba. It is my second title in doubles in ITF.

In the second tournament in first round I beat O. Yeshaya 62 61. In the second round, which was very hard to me, I won the match against Lobak (UKR) with 466362. But in quarter-finals I lost to the winner of the tournament Mednis (Latvia). I played doubles with Shatalin D. and we lost in semi-finals to Mednis/Zemel.

As we had two days before leaving the country, we decided to explore the country. It was my first visit of Israel. I enjoyed our trip to the Dead Sea and ancient Jerusalem. Now, I know that is one of the most remarkable countries full of mystery and history.

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